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Montville man tells police he’s a “warrior”

John Thornton. Photo Courtesy of Waldo County Sheriff's Office.

John Thornton. Photo Courtesy of Waldo County Sheriff’s Office.

A Montville man told police he was a “warrior” after he allegedly smashed the windshield of a neighbor’s car in his hometown July 7. The Waldo County Sheriff’s Office reports 57 year old John Thornton was allegedly seen by a neighbor smashing a car’s windshield with a walking stick and yelling threats at about 4:25 in the afternoon. The neighbor called and told police Thornton had face paint on, “like a warrior.”

Police responded to find Thornton with his face painted in black and green paint and he told deputies he was a “warrior.”

While speaking with Mr. Thornton about the damaged caused to a neighbor’s vehicle Thornton acted in an aggressive and disorderly manner with the Deputies and was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Class E, Criminal Mischief, Class D and Assault Class D. The Assault charge was brought due to complainant’s claim that Mr. Thornton grabbed her by the arm after she made the complaint to dispatch.