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No explosive device, unlabeled chemicals at foreclosed Winterport home

UPDATE 07-22-15 4:00pm:

Fire investigators say there isn’t an explosive device at a foreclosed property in Winterport. Police were asked  by a bank to investigate a criminal trespass complaint at a Meadow Road property saw an item they believe could be an explosive device, but Fire Marshal’s Sgt Ken Grimes tells Star 97.7 that claim is unfounded. “It turned out to be a component from a radio antenna, easily confused by looking at it, but once I got an up close look at it it turned out to be a radio component.”

Grimes says the Department of Environmental Protection is on scene identifying and safely disposing of some unlabeled chemicals. He says there’s no threat to the public or neighbors


From the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office: 
On July 21, 2015 at approximately 1230 hours the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office received a criminal trespass complaint from a financial institution regarding a foreclosed residence on the Meadow Road in the Town of Winterport. Deputies Ben Seekins and Cody Laite responded to the residence to determine if anyone was unlawfully on the premises.

Once Deputies arrived they observed an item that they believed could have been an explosive device. The Sheriff’s Office requested the assistance of the Maine State Police Bomb Squad and the Fire Marshall’s Office at the scene.

Due to the nature of items found during the search of the home additional resources with specialized training have been requested to assist. The Fire Marshall’s Office has become