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Victim speaks out, blames state police, for Northern Maine rampage

The victim of an alleged shooting spree and sexual assault has spoken out about her ordeal in an emotional statement, placing blame on the State Police for not protecting her family. Brittany Irish, who was allegedly kidnapped and shot by Anthony Lord, told the media in tears Wednesday morning at a press conference that “police say they don’t have a motive, but I know of a motive.”

Irish says Lord’s alleged murder spree on Friday July 17 was provoked after he kidnapped her, tied her up with a seatbelt, strangled her, and assaulted her four times on July 14th at a remote cabin. Irish says she was let go the next morning after telling Lord she wouldn’t tell police.

Irish says she called the Bangor Police on Wednesday, July 15th, to make a statement and was referred to State Police. She says she told State Police about her ordeal while in the hospital and they asked her to continue talking with Lord via text as if nothing had happened to try and get a confession without tipping him off.

Irish says Lord was willing to meet with her and discuss what happened on Thursday July 16th, if someone went with her because “I didn’t want to go alone. That’s when they decided to give him a phone call and let him know that a case was reported and two hours later my mom’s barn is burning down.”

Brittany Irish and her two sons, Benjamin and Joshua. She says their father, Kyle Hewitt, died protecting them. Photo Courtesy Facebook.

Brittany Irish and her two sons, Benjamin and Joshua. She says their father, Kyle Hewitt, died protecting them. Photo Courtesy Facebook.

Irish says she and boyfriend, Kyle Hewitt, came to her mother, Kimberly Irish’s, residence in Benedicta to make sure she was ok. Irish says she asked state police to stay at her mom’s residence “because I didn’t feel safe” but was told that “they didn’t have the man power to leave an officer (t)here overnight.”

Irish says she fell asleep and woke up early Friday morning to Lord allegedly shooting in the door. He then shot Irish in the arm. She says she witnessed Lord shoot Hewitt eight times with a .22 caliber handgun, according to court documents. Irish says she fled to the bathroom to try and hide when Lord broke the door down. Irish says she was trying to help her mother out the window when she was pushed out by Kimberly Irish. “She saved my life. I thought he had killed her. I went running for help and nobody was here to help.”

“I had asked the State Police three times to make sure someone was here with us. And they didn’t do it. This all could have been avoided if they had left a State Trooper at this house. And they didn’t want to do that, because supposedly they didn’t have the manpower. But after everything happened they had the manpower to guard an empty house. I have to tell my children why they don’t have a father and the only people are to blame for this is Anthony himself and the State Police, and I want everybody to know that…(Kyle) died protecting his family.”

Kyle Hewitt and his son, Joshua. Photo from Facebook.

Kyle Hewitt and his son, Joshua. Photo from Facebook.

Irish says police have said she has no injuries, but says she was shot first, raped, and has bruises all over her. Irish says Lord’s crime spree could have been avoided if State Police had acted. “I hope that the State Police are held accountable for a young man dying and not getting to raise his family and the man in the wood lot (Kevin Tozier), never would have had to happen if the State Police had just listened. ” Kevin Tozier was also shot and killed early Friday morning at a wood lot during Lord’s alleged rampage. Irish says the men questioned why her arm was bleeding and bruised and that’s when he shot Tozier and Clayton McCarthy at a woodlot in Lee.

Irish says she didn’t tell police she would be holding a press conference today and police have not acknowledged to her that they should have done more. State Police have issued this statement Wednesday afternoon:

From Colonel Robert Williams, Chief of the Maine State Police —

“State Police wish to express sympathy and condolences to all of the victims of the events last week in Benedicta, Silver Ridge and Lee.  Brittany Irish and all of the victims and their families have been through a very traumatic event.  State Police last week were investigating a sexual assault incident where Brittany was the victim.  In the aftermath of many major incidents, State Police typically conduct a review of our response and we will do so in this case. This is a double homicide prosecution now in the court system. As with any active homicide investigation, it would not be appropriate to discuss additional details at this time.”

Irish says Lord showed no emotion after the shootings “it doesn’t make sense how someone could do something so horrible and not feel bad… I begged to come home and see my kids, I just wanted to see my boys grow up and I get that chance but I feel so horrible that Kyle doesn’t and it’s unfair.”

Lord is a convicted sex offender with a history of domestic violence. Court documents indicate he admitted to police he shot Hewitt, Tozier, Kimberly Irish, and Carlton Eddy when Brittany tried to escape in his truck after getting out the bathroom window.  Irish says she wants Lord to be put away for life.

Anthony Lord. Photo Courtesy Maine State Police.

Anthony Lord. Photo Courtesy Maine State Police.

A GoFundMe Campaign has been started for Irish to help pay for Hewitt’s funeral expenses and to support her family because of the loss of his income.