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Local News – November 24, 2015

Canoeist Search Suspended 

(Eastport) – A 23-year old Pleasant Point man who disappeared while collecting periwinkles off Eastport remains missing and the Coast Guard has suspended active search efforts. Majik Francis was last seen Sunday afternoon in Half Moon Cove clinging to an overturned canoe. Two others in the canoe made it to shore and called the Coast Guard. They, the marine patrol and local police and fire spent hours searching for Francis. The Marine Patrol will take over recovery efforts.


Drug busts

(Ellsworth) – Hancock County’s Sheriff says though recent arrests have put a dent in drug trafficking, the drug problem is nowhere near under control. Scott Kane says it’s going to take a lot more than arrests to tackle the addiction problem downeast – treatment will have to lessen demand for highly addictive drugs that come from out of state. The latest major arrest came Saturday morning in Bucksport when deputies and drug agents pulled over a Blue Hill man with enough heroin for a thousand doses. Kane said the drugs are coming in from out of state, but the demand for highly addictive drugs locally is out of control.

Missing School
(Bar Harbor) – The Superintendent of Schools for Mt. Desert Island says student absenteeism is a big problem. Howard Colter has suggested hiring staff to go to student homes to help them catch up with missed school work. The Mt. Desert Islander reports the number of students who miss at least 15-days of school a year is rising. More than 20-percent of students at MDI High School are out three weeks or more due to illness, depression or family vacations. Colter says not having students in school deprives those who show up and could benefit from their presence.

Junk food/Food Stamps

(Augusta) – No more using food stamps to buy junk food. That’s what Maine’s Human Services Commissioner would like to see. Mary Mayhew says the state DHHS has asked the federal government for a waiver to prevent purchase of unhealthy foods using SNAP benefits. The feds have never granted such a waiver, and the state legislature has defeated past proposals to prevent junk food purchase by recipients.

Admitted killer sentenced
(Alfred) – A judge has sentenced a transgender man to life in prison for last summer’s random killing at a Shaw’s Supermarket in Saco. Connor MacCalister asked to be called a woman in recent court appearances. She killed 59-year old Wendy Boudreau, telling police she was angry with life and went to the store specifically to kill what she called “random people”. MacCallister told officers she was also off her medication.

NFL: New England Patriots 20 Buffalo Bills 13 (Pats 10-0)
NHL: Boston Bruins 4 Toronto Maple Leafs 3 (Shootout)
NBA: Celtics take on the Hawks in Atlanta tonight
Philadelphia lost to Minnesota 100-95 last night. The Sixers are 0-15 so far this season.