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Star 97.7 Election Night Update #3

From the Star 97.7 Ellsworth Newsroom, this is a Star 97.7 election update.

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PORTLAND, Maine (AP) Maine’s top election official said he’s receiving reports of a strong turnout, which is in line with projections. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap expects up to 65 percent of the voting-age public in Maine to cast tallies in Tuesday’s election. That includes more than 170,000 people who cast tallies via absentee ballot ahead of Election Day.

(Undated) – If you’re a fan of political advertisements and robo-calls, you’ll have a little withdrawal after today. Despite heavy rain in parts of the state, Maine voters are expected to turn out in droves. Absentee balloting is higher than it was 4-years ago when the state elected a governor who is now term limited and says he’s retiring to Florida after the election. Also, Mainers are using ranked choice voting for the first time in a general election – the first in the nation to do so. The ranked choice option applies only to the US Senate and House of Representatives and not the 3-way governor’s race. Polls close very soon, at 8PM tonight.

(Undated) Every governor would like to see their own parties candidate take the spot after they leave… But Newscenter 2 reports that in Maine, it hasn’t happened in 60 years. The last time the party of the departing governor matched the incoming governor was in 1959. That’s when Clinton Clauson was elected following Democrat Edmund Muskie. Voters will have to wait until the votes are counted to find out if that trend is broken this year.

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