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Star 97.7 Election Night Update #7

From the Star 97.7 Ellsworth Newsroom, this is a Star 97.7 election update.

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Independent candidate for governor Terry Hayes has conceded.

Nationally CBS News reports Republicans will maintain control of the Senate.

For State Senate District 7 with 8 of 31 towns reporting Louis Luchini leads Rich Malaby by 1011 votes.

For District Attorney Matthew Foster is ahead of Steven Juskewitch by 555 votes so far with 32% of towns reporting

With just Trenton reporting Nicole Grohoski leads House District 132 over Mark Remick 79 votes.

Half of the towns in Maine House District 134 as substantial lead for Genevieve McDonald over Philip Brady.

State Referendum, Question 1 is trending toward failing with 92 Precincts Reporting, and 60% of voters against the measure. The yes vote leads right now on the 4 remaining bond issues.

Running unopposed Scott Kane is a lock for Hancock County Sheriff. Julie Curtis also running unopposed will return to the post of Hancock County Registrar of Deeds.

Keep checking for election night updates, and listen every half hour for more with Vanessa Corey on Star 97.7!