November is Diabetes Awareness Month (Ellsworth)  November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  According to the CDC, nearly 75% of Type 2 diabetes risk is directly associated with carrying excess body weight and with leading a sedentary lifestyle.  Healthy Acadia’s Angela Fochesato (FO-kuh-SAW-toe) tells Star 97.7,, their Diabetes Prevention Program helps people make the needed lifestyle changes […]

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

(Ellsworth)  November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  According to the CDC, nearly 75% of Type 2 diabetes risk is directly associated with carrying excess body weight and with leading a sedentary lifestyle.  Healthy Acadia’s Angela Fochesato (FO-kuh-SAW-toe) tells Star 97.7,, their Diabetes Prevention Program helps people make the needed lifestyle changes to prevent the disease.  (((Diabetes 1  “…at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week.”  :14)))  Fochesato stresses the program is not a diet, but is designed to help participants make the necessary physical, emotional and social changes needed.

(Ellsworth)  According to the CDC, diabetes and prediabetes are major health issues in Maine.  But with proper diet and exercise, the onset of Type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented.  Healthy Acadia’s Angela Fochesato (FO-kuh-SAW-toe) said one of the goals of the Diabetes Prevention Program is to help people overcome unhealthy food addictions.  (((Diabetes 2  “…the right supports to help somebody with that.”  :19)))  The program is supported by grants and is at no charge to participants.  Interested persons can email angela at healthy acadia dot org.

(Ellsworth)  The American Diabetes Association reports diabetes is growing at an epidemic rate in the United States.  More than 137,000 people in Maine, or about 11% of the adult population, have diabetes; and another 37% are prediabetic and may not even know it.  Healthy Acadia’s Angela Fochesato (FO-kuh-SAW-toe) tells Star 97.7, their  year-long Diabetes Prevention Program is not just for those WITH diabetes.  (((Diabetes 3  “…and any supports or caregivers.”  :21)))  For more information, email angela at healthy acadia dot org.

(Ellsworth)  November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  According to the American Diabetes Association, every year, about 9,000 people in Maine are diagnosed with diabetes.  With lifestyle and healthy eating changes, Healthy Acadia’s Angela Fochesato (FO-kuh-SAW-toe) tells Star 97.7, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented.  Her Diabetes Prevention Program is designed to help.  (((Diabetes 4  “…it’s a lot of self-work.”  :16)))  The program offers a year’s worth of intense coaching at no charge, and classes are offered throughout the day and evening via Zoom.  For more information, email angela at healthy acadia dot org.

High Wind, Gale Warnings Issued

(Coastal Hancock and Washington Counties)  You’ll want to make sure everything is tied down today.  The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning from 3 p.m. today until 1:00 a.m. Saturday and a gale warning from 10 a.m. this morning until 1:00 a.m. Saturday for Coastal Hancock and Washington Counties.  Strong winds could cause hazardous seas and driving conditions, especially for high profile vehicles.  Damaging winds could cause downed trees and powerlines.

Third MDI School Board Member Resigns

(Bar Harbor)  Ingrid Kachmar (KAK-muhr) this week became the third member of the Mount Desert Island School Board to resign this Fall.  The Mount Desert Islander reports tense negotiations between the Board and the District’s teachers prompted Kachmar (KAK-muhr) to join Kristi Losquadro (Los-QUAD-dro) and Todd Graham, who also resigned within the past two months.  According to the Islander, both sides agree the teachers deserve a raise, but the teacher’s union wants a large increase now, while the Board wants to raise salaries more gradually to avoid a large, one-time spike in property taxes.

(Bar Harbor)  Both the teachers and the Mount Desert Island School Board are in agreement that teachers deserve a raise – they just don’t see eye to eye on how that raise should be given.  The Mount Desert Islander reports the teachers union is asking for the raise all at once; while the School Board feels that would put a strain on property taxes, and they want to raise salaries gradually.  The Islander reports one board member as saying state union reps have exerted influence that has changed negotiations from years of cordial discussions to meetings so intense three school board members have resigned in just the past two months.

Maine Seacoast Mission Seeks Christmas Donations

(NE Harbor)  The Maine Seacoast Mission is launching their Christmas Program 2021 to help put presents under trees for families unable to do so.  The Christmas program includes mainland families and individuals along the Downeast Coast in rural Washington County.  To enroll a child in the Mission’s Christmas Program or to give a gift or help with donations, visit seacoast mission dot org.

Ombudsman Testifies to Ongoing Issues at DHHS

(AP/Portland)  The deaths of five young children in May and June last summer prompted the hiring of the non-profit Casey Family Programs to investigate possible systemic problems in the state’s child welfare system.  Despite that investigation and recommendations made, the head of a watchdog office says little has changed in DHHS to address what she told lawmakers were deep seated problems.  The Portland Press Herald reports child welfare ombudsman Christine Alberi testified before lawmakers this week, saying she and her staff found “substantial issues” in half the 84 cases they reviewed this year and that there have been no improvements in issues with the state’s Office of Child and Family Services.

Rooster Brothers Bags Up Some Goodness

(Ellsworth)  You can bag groceries, goods, and garage sale items – but can you bag goodness itself?  You can if you’re Rooster Brothers in Ellsworth.  Back in July, the state imposed a mandatory shopping bag fee.  Since then, “the store for cooks and those who love them” has been sending the fees collected, along with additional customer donations to various local food pantries.  To date, they’ve donated about $600 to the community.  We’d say Rooster Brothers has “cooked up” a pretty awesome idea!

State Park Campers Set Record

(AP/Saco)  Maine’s state park campers set another record in 2021.  Attendance and camping at the state’s 48 state parks and historic sites soared during the pandemic.  According to the Portland Press Herald, preliminary figures show Maine’s 12 state park campgrounds hosted 270,000 campers between 2019 and 2020, and that figure jumped to 315,000 in 2021.

USDOL Honors Three Maine Companies for Hiring Vets

(Augusta)  Three Maine employers have been recognized for their contributions to veterans’ employment.  Career Systems Development Corporation and Penobscot Job Corps Center in Bangor, Ecocor in Searsmont, and Hollywood Casino Hotel and Raceway in Bangor were named 2021 HIRE Vets Medallion Award recipients by the U.S. Department of Labor.  The award recognizes employers across the nation that exemplify a commitment to employing U.S. military veterans.

Lobsterman Steps Up for Veterans

(Bangor)  A local lobsterman stepped up in a big way for veterans this week.  WABI-TV reports Frank Thompson pledged to give away around 50 buckets of lobsters to local veterans who entered a drawing.  Instead, he set up outside the Furniture Gallery in Bangor yesterday and gave away 80 buckets, filled with about 15 lobsters each.  Thompson said it was a simple gesture compared to what veterans do for us.

Hospitals Help with Open Enrollment 

(Ellsworth)  Need help with the Health Insurance Open Enrollment Process?  Northern Light Blue Hill and Maine Coast Hospitals have certified application counselors on sight, ready to help.  Appointments are complimentary and can be scheduled through either hospital.

EPL Big Read Closes with Intergenerational Project

(Ellsworth)  The Ellsworth Public Library’s offerings as part of NEA’s Big Read drew readers from across Maine and even as far as the west coast.  The Big Read concludes tomorrow with a screening of “Something More Pleasant: An Intergenerational Video Project”, held at The Grand in Ellsworth and on The Grand and Library’s FB pages.  The project involves young people interviewing older adults about life’s best experiences and offering advice for young people and is scheduled for 7 p.m. November 13th.

Thanksgiving Number One in Home Fires

(Undated)  Thanksgiving Day represents the leading day for U.S. home cooking fires. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, more than three times as many cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving Day as on a typical day of the year.  Kate Joseph with the Ellsworth Fire Department reminds chefs to never leave a stove unattended, watch the little ones and teach them not to reach for pots on the stove, keep flammable items such as oven mitts safely away from the heat, and avoid wearing long sleeves and hanging fabrics when cooking.

Ellsworth Chamber Plans Christmas in Ellsworth Calendar

(Ellsworth)  The Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce staff is as busy as Santa’s elves as they prepare for Christmas in Ellsworth!  Holiday events and offers can be submitted to the Chamber’s calendar, you can find out how to enter a float in the Christmas Parade, purchase a Christmas in Ellsworth flag, and submit photos of your Ugly Sweater Day.  Find information on it all at Santa’s workshop …. oops, we mean, Ellsworth chamber dot org.

Inventors with Ties to Maine Inducted into Hall of Fame

(Undated)  Two inventors with ties to Maine will be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in December.  Kenneth Jordan and a colleague invented the RTG, which provides power for unmanned spacecrafts.  Originally from Maine, Jordan attended the University of Maine.  Hiram Maxim, who was born in Sangerville, is most known for the Maxim gun and smokeless gunpowder.

Green Ellsworth Offers Sea Level Rise Forum

(Ellsworth)  What impacts will the seal level rise have on Ellsworth, its shoreline habitat, residential property, and downtown businesses?  How can the city mitigate those effects and adapt to its changing waterfront.  These and other topics will be discussed at the Sea Level Rise Ellsworth Zoom Forum on November 16th.  The Forum is presented by Green Ellsworth and is scheduled from 6:30 to 8 p.m. next Tuesday.  Register through Green Ellsworth.

Selectman Says Town Decision May Have Contributed to Child’s Death
(Paris)  During a town meeting this week, the Paris select board chair said the town’s decision to eliminate per diem for firefighters four years ago might have played a role in last week’s fire that claimed the life of five year old AJ Packard.  WMTW reports Christopher Summers told the board, “They couldn’t enter the house because they didn’t have the proper personnel necessary to go in and do a proper search.”  He added that may or may not have saved the child’s life.  Norway Fire Chief Dennis Yates, who responded to the fire with members of his fire department said the fire spread quickly and that the entire house was on fire within five minutes.



  • Bruins lose to the Oilers 5-3. Bruins now travel to New Jersey to take on the Devils on Saturday.
  • Celtics are home tonight to take on the Milwaukee Bucks

National News

(CNN)  More than 2 million at-home COVID-19 tests have been recalled due to higher than acceptable “false positives”.  CNN announced the voluntary recall of some of Ellume’s rapid antigen tests began in October, due to the inaccuracies.

(ChooseVeg)  McDonald’s is testing out a vegan burger patty in eight cities this month.  The Beyond Beef McPlant Burger is being tested in cities in Iowa, Texas, Louisiana, and California.  ChooseVeg reports the fast-food giant’s apple pie and apple slices are also vegan; but not the French fries, as they contain a flavoring made with milk.