MCCF Offers Training to Local High Schoolers (Downeast Maine)  Generations of fishermen have made their living off the rocky coast of Maine.  Thanks to Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, the Eastern Maine Skippers’ Classroom provides high schoolers with an opportunity to carry on that tradition.  Fisheries Education Specialist Tom Duym explains.  (((MCCF 1   “…and the […]

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MCCF Offers Training to Local High Schoolers

(Downeast Maine)  Generations of fishermen have made their living off the rocky coast of Maine.  Thanks to Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, the Eastern Maine Skippers’ Classroom provides high schoolers with an opportunity to carry on that tradition.  Fisheries Education Specialist Tom Duym explains.  (((MCCF 1   “…and the gear that goes along with them.”  :21))).  The class also covers an overview of federal, state, and local agencies, a small boat business primer, and marine science and ecology.

(Downeast Maine)  There’s no doubt, Maine’s generations-old fishing industry is facing daunting challenges.  Thanks to an innovative program, sponsored by Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, high school students at Ellsworth, Deer Isle/Stonington, Narraguaus and others are getting a jump on tackling those issues.  Fisheries Education Specialist Tom Duym tells Star 97.7, this year’s Eastern Maine Skippers Classroom centers around the theme “Design Your Future Fisheries.”  (((MCCF 2  “…whether or not their fisheries, affect that?”  :20)))  Duym says the program at each school is tailored to students’ interest and needs and is very customizable by school.

(Downeast Maine)  There’s no doubt about the growing interest of trades and trade schools.  One such trade offered local high schools through Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries is the Eastern Maine Skippers’ Classroom.  Fisheries Education Specialist Tom Duym tells Star 97.7, students who are attracted to the program are often kinesthetic learners who learn by doing. (((MCCF 3 “..or how to plot a course on chart.”  :19)))  The course is tailored to individual high schools and student interest.  Duym says they hope to offer the course at MDI and George Stevens Academy this spring, in addition to three other local high schools currently on board.

(Downeast Maine)  Seven coastal high schools currently offer the Eastern Maine Skippers’ Classroom – a program that offers students hands-on and academic experience surrounding the sense of community that has graced generations of fishermen in Maine.  Fisheries Education Specialist Tom Duym tells Star 97.7, the goal is to enroll every coastal high school from Penobscot Bay to the Canadian border.  (((MCCF 4  “…adopts it into their curriculum.” :22)))  Interested schools can contact Duym through Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries.

Four-Car Crash in Brewer

(Brewer)  A four car crash in Brewer Monday afternoon reduced traffic to one-way on State Street for about half an hour.  WABI-TV reports the crash occurred just before 1 pm. when three vehicles were stopped in traffic in front of Twin City Plaza.  A fourth vehicle caused a rear-end collision that shoved the three cars into each other.  No one was seriously injured.  Authorities suspect the incident was the result of distracted driving.

Lower Speeds Posted on Turnpike – Tuesday Morning

(Maine)  The Maine Turnpike Authority has lowered speeds to 45 MPH the entire length of the turnpike this morning, due to snow, with no overlimits permitted.

Dog Licenses Due

(Maine)  Make sure that precious pooch has his license.  Dog licenses are due by this Friday, with a grace period through the end of January.  After that, a $25 late fee is assessed.  Cost is just $6 for a dog that’s spayed or neutered, $11 otherwise.  Licenses can be purchased or renewed online.

Maine Veterans Dental Network to Continue Services

(Augusta)  The Maine Veterans Dental Network will resume dental services in the new year for Maine veterans who otherwise cannot afford such services.  The provision is thanks to a generous $100,000 grant from Northeast Delta Dental.  Any Maine veteran that meets the qualifications can access the grant-funded program by connecting with Sarah dot Sherman at Maine dot gov.

Trial Set for Newport Man Accused of Killing Wife

(Bangor)  Plea and sentencing for a Newport man accused of killing his wife in January 2020 is set for this morning.  40 yo Frederick Allen is charged with murdering his wife, 37 yo Anielka Allen, whose body was found in their Newport home.  The Morning Sentinel reports her death was determined to be asphyxiation by strangulation.  Allen reportedly was injured during his service in the army and was being treated for PTSD before his arrest.

Versant Rate Hike

(Bangor)  Get set for another rate hike.  Versant Power announced Monday, beginning January first, residential customers in the Bangor Hydro District will see an increase of about 56 cents to their electricity bills from an increase in the transmission rate, one of five rates on their bills.  Commercial customers will also see a rate increase, based on rate class.  Versant reports customers in its Maine Public District will not see changes at this time.

Amtrak Downeaster Collision

(Haverhill, MA)   An Amtrak Downeaster train headed from Boston to Brunswick collided with a vehicle that was on the tracks yesterday afternoon.  The accident occurred about 1 p.m. just north of Haverhill, Massachusetts.  No injuries were reported, and the train’s 80 passengers were transferred to other trains.

COVID Vaccines Considered for Belfast City Workers

(Belfast)  Vaccine mandates are nothing if not controversial.  Now the town of Belfast is considering the requirement for city employees.  Although Council members have for now decided to take a “wait and see” approach as to what the federal government will require, several councilors have strongly affirmed their pro-vaccine stance for the workers.

Assisted Living Facility Cited

(Brunswick)  Dionne Commons, a Brunswick Assisted Living facility, was cited last week for having two unvaccinated workers.  An investigation reportedly revealed the facility knew about the non-compliance by the two workers.  According to Maine DHHS, the facility’s license remains in place, but the Bangor Daily News reports administrators were warned to fix the issue to avoid further action.

Wetlands to Be Protected

(AP/Casco Bay)  Dozens of coastal wetlands in southern Maine will receive conservation protection through federal grant money.  The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife received a $450,000 grant that will protect about 43 acres in the Casco Bay watershed.

Legislators Propose More Oversight for Child Protective Services

(Undated)  The deaths of four children within about a month last summer are prompting lawmakers to propose more oversight and transparency for child protective services.  The Portland Press Herald reports at least nine bills proposing changes to child welfare and protection received approval for consideration during the session that begins in January.

Brunswick Woman Inducted Into Veterans Hall of Fame

(Brunswick)  A Brunswick woman is among the most decorated female veterans in U.S. history.  AARP reports Command Sergeant Major Gretchen G. Evans has been inducted into the U.S. Veterans Hall of Fame.  Evans served 27 years in the U.S. Army and held every leadership position from squad leader to Command Sergeant Major.  Evans was responsible for more than 30,000 ground troops in Afghanistan.

Roe V. Wade Attorney Dies

(Undated)  An attorney who argued and won the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court case that established the right to abortion in the U.S. has died.  The case was the first of Sarah Weddington’s legal career, fresh out of law school at the age of 27.  Weddington predicted the current threat to Roe V. Wade under a conservative court when Neil Gorsuch was nominated by  former President Donald Trump.  Weddington was 76.

Pandemic Leads to Population Growth in Maine

(Maine)  Maine has seen its greatest population growth in nearly two decades, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The U.S. Census Bureau reported in July 2021 the state saw an increase of nearly 10,000 compared with the year before, with similar growth during 2020.  Maine deaths still exceeded births by more than 6300 during that period.  Only six states attracted more new residents over the past year – Idaho, Montana, Arizona, South Carolina, Delaware, and Florida.

Retired Sled Dog Inspires Book

(Bangor)  Beaver the retired sled dog got loose from Bangor International Airport last February and spent nearly a month on the lam.  Beaver was on her way to a forever home in Bangor when she escaped.  The Bangor Daily News reports the pup’s adventure has inspired a children’s book, Black Bear Goes to Bangor to Find Beaver by Denise Lawson, a Virginia-based dog rescuer.  Black Bear is a character in all Lawson’s books. You can follow the real Beaver, who now lives in upstate New York, on the FB page, Friends of Beaver the Sled Dog.

Cards, Posters Encourage Vaccinations

(Augusta)  The Mills Administration is distributing printable 4×6 cards and 8 and a half by eleven posters encouraging Maine people to get vaccinated.  Maine schools are encouraged to distribute and post the materials to help spread the word on the importance of being vaccinated.  Materials are available through the Maine Department of Education.

Eight States Have Yet to Spend COVID-19 Relief Funds

(Washington, DC)  States have until 2024 to spend their portion of the $350 billion in federal American Rescue Plan Funds.  But eight states have yet to budget their funds – Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota are all Republican- controlled states.  The only Democrat-controlled state, Rhode Island, is expected to approve a plan in early January when its legislature reconvenes.  The eight states represent $16.5 million in unspent federal aid.

Ellsworth Public Library Hosts The Beatles – 50 Years Later

(Ellsworth)  What made the Beatles such a driving force, their music is still popular now, more than 50 years after their American debut on the Ed Sullivan Show?  That and many other aspects of the arguably most transformative music group in history is the topic of a January 12th online workshop, sponsored by the Ellsworth Public Library.  Register for the 6 pm program – The Beatles, 50 Years Later with Barry Wiesenfeld, through the library’s website.


The Timberwolves took a bite out of the Celtics last night in Minnesota – 108-103. Celtics host the Los Angeles Clippers Wednesday.

The only winner in the NHL these days is COVID.  The Bruins have yet to resume their schedule – they’ve been off since December 16th.  They hope to play a New Year’s Day game when they host the Buffalo Sabres Saturday afternoon.