Crime/Public Safety/Drugs Investigation Leads to $200K in Stolen Goods (Belfast)  Authorities have found approximately $200,000 worth of stolen goods at a house in Belfast.  The Ellsworth Police Department reports to Star 97.7 a two-day search of the home on Patterson Hill Road turned up power tools, utility trailers, snowmobiles, methamphetamine and suspected drug proceeds.  Arrested […]

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Crime/Public Safety/Drugs

Investigation Leads to $200K in Stolen Goods

(Belfast)  Authorities have found approximately $200,000 worth of stolen goods at a house in Belfast.  The Ellsworth Police Department reports to Star 97.7 a two-day search of the home on Patterson Hill Road turned up power tools, utility trailers, snowmobiles, methamphetamine and suspected drug proceeds.  Arrested and charged with theft are 56 yo Anthony Knight and 44 yo Robert Larrabee of Belfast.  The stolen items were related to burglaries reported in Hancock, Penobscot, and Waldo Counties.

(Belfast)  Two Belfast men were booked into the Hancock County Jail on theft charges after authorities found $200,000 worth of stolen goods in a Patterson Hill Road home this week.  The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department reports to Star 97.7, an 8-month investigation led to the home, where they found power tools, snowmobiles, tiers, a motor vehicle, drugs and suspected drug proceeds.  56 yo Anthony Knight and 44 yo Robert Larrabee of Belfast were arrested, but have since been released on bail.  Authorities say items recovered are linked to at least 15 burglaries in Hancock, Penobscot, and Waldo Counties.

(Belfast)  Authorities have cracked a case involving at least 15 burglaries in Hancock, Penobscot, and Waldo Counties.  The Ellsworth Police Department reports to Star 97.7, a two day search of a house on Patterson Hill Road in Belfast this week yielded snowplows, snowmobiles, utility trailers, and other items valued at approximately $200,000, along with methamphetamine, prescription drugs, and suspected drug proceeds.  56 yo Anthony Knight and 44 yo Robert Larrabee of Belfast were arrested and charged with theft.  The two have since been released on bail.

(Belfast)  An 8-month investigation into thefts in Searsport, Ellsworth, and other locations in Hancock, Waldo, and Penobscot Counties led police this week to a Patterson Hill Road home in Belfast where they found approximately $200,000 worth of stolen goods. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department tells Star 97.7, a search of the home turned up snowmobiles, power tools, utility trailers and other stolen goods, along with methamphetamine and suspected drug proceeds.  56 yo Anthony Knight and 44 yo Robert Larrabee of Belfast were arrested and charged.  The items recovered have been linked to 15 active burglary cases.

Greenbush Man Drives into House, Destroys Police Radar Trailer

(Bangor)  Police issued a warrant for a Greenbush man after he allegedly crashed a vehicle into a house on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor.  Authorities say 57 yo Roger Eldridge fled on foot into the woods, along with a passenger, on Tuesday.  Before hitting the house, the two reportedly hit and destroyed the Old Town Police Department’s radar trailer.  A temporary warrant was put out on charges of criminal mischief, driving to endanger, and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

Stolen Smoker Found

(Bangor)  The smoker stolen from a Bangor business owner has been found.  WABI-TV reports Bethany Gregory’s smoker was found by a man who was out in the woods in Brownville on Tuesday when he came upon the smoker.  He posted on FB it looked too nice to have just been dumped; and, mystery solved.   The community stepped up to help Gregory and her business, Scotch Bonnett, and she says she’s grateful for the outpouring of support.  Police have not yet determined who took the smoker.

Local Politics

Collins, Manchin Push for Electoral College Reform

(AP/Washington)  Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin are making the case for overhauling the 1800s-era Electoral Count Act. The two senators pushed Wednesday for quick passage of their bipartisan compromise that would make it harder for a losing candidate to overturn the legitimate results of a presidential election. The effort comes after former President Donald Trump and his allies pressed courts, state legislatures and Congress to overturn his 2020 loss to President Joe Biden, culminating in the violent insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, when hundreds of his supporters pushed past police and broke into the Capitol.

Stephen King Testifies in Merger Trial

(AP/Washington)  Best-selling author Stephen King was in Washington this week, testifying for the government in a high stakes merger trial.  The government is trying to convince a federal judge the merger of Penguin Random House and rival Simon & Schuster, would thwart competition and damage the careers of some of the most popular authors.  King traced his own history and laid out a portrait of an industry that has become increasingly concentrated, though profitable for him.  King expressed skepticism toward the two publishers’ commitment to continue to bid for books separately and competitively after the proposed merger.


Amazon Seeking Warehouse Space in Scarborough

(Scarborough)  Retail giant Amazon is rumored to be looking for space for a new warehouse in Scarborough.  The Portland Press Herald reports Amazon is focusing on property off Running Hill Road – a location near the Maine Mall and close to the turnpike.  Town officials reportedly met with Amazon reps in May and discussed plans for a warehouse, although the company has not filed a site plan or development proposal.  Town Manager Thomas Hall said Scarborough is one of several sites being scouted.

Knox County Commissioners Endorse Cape Air

(Rockland)  Knox County Commissioners and Rockland’s City Manager say Cape Air is flying high as the recommended carrier to supply the Knox County airport.  Every two to five years, the Department of Transportation selects a carrier to supply the needs of a regional airport.  Cape Air was awarded the contract in 2018 and is up for bid again against two competitors – Boutique Air and Southern Air.  The Pen Bay Pilot said of 18 letters received as of July 22nd, all were in support of Cape Air over the other two.  It’s likely the airline will “land” the contract again.  A letter of support for Cape Air will be sent to the Maine DOT.


Number of Uninsured Americans Drops to New Low

(AP)  There’s been a drop in the number of Americans who are uninsured.  The drop in uninsured Americans began last year, when Congress and Biden signed off on a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill that lowered premiums and out-of-pocket costs for new or returning customers purchasing plans through the Affordable Care Act’s private health insurance markets.  Prior to last year, the uninsured rate had consistently remained in the double digits for decades.  The report shows Maine has the third largest decline in uninsured rates among Maine people eligible for Medicaid expansion.

COVID Test Kits Available

(Augusta)  Mainers can now re-order free COVID-19 test kids through Project Access COVID Tests.  The Mills Administration announced Wednesday households that have already ordered two test kits can now re-order one additional kit of five rapid tests.  Visit Access Covid Tests dot org to learn more and to order.


Illegal Camping at Acadia

(Bar Harbor)  Along with the growing number of visitors, the number of people camping illegally at Acadia National Park has spiked this summer.  The Bangor Daily News reports park officials have documented between 150 – 180 cases of people setting up secret campsites in the woods or trying to sleep in their vehicles in parking lots.  While the numbers are up in 2022, authorities say the issue is not a new one.  The park has three campgrounds – Blackwoods, Seawall, and Schoodic Woods.

(Bar Harbor)  Acadia National Park welcomes visitors each year, but illegal camping DOESN’T have rangers rolling out any welcome mats. The Bangor Daily News reports the issue is not a new one, but park officials are on track to document close to 200 cases of illegal camping in 2022.  The problem is happening, even with three park camp locations – Blackwoods, Seawall and Schoodic Woods.  Officials say illegal camping includes sleeping in vehicles in park parking lots and setting up campsites in the woods in areas not designated as camping sites.


Solar Ordinance Could Save Ellsworth Money

(Ellsworth)  A $4M dollar savings on energy costs over 20 years.  That’s what the City of Ellsworth could see, thanks to its agreement with the developer of two solar projects on the Mariaville Road.  The Ellsworth American reports City Council and Planning Board members last week met with an expert on energy markets in New England to discuss the future of solar in Ellsworth.  George Wood of Oak Point Associates explained the sheer amount of land available in Ellsworth, along with its proximity to substations, make the city a desirable location for large scale solar projects.

(Ellsworth)  Before a moratorium was put into place last October, the City of Ellsworth approved one medium and seven large-scale solar projects.  Because of two projects on the Mariaville Road, the City is on track to reap $4M in energy cost savings over the next 20 years.  While the approved projects are not all anywhere near completion, a second rush for permits is expected once the moratorium is lifted.  The Ellsworth American reports to that end the City Council and Planning Board agree the city should strengthen a current ordinance regulating the future of solar in Ellsworth.  The moratorium is set to expire in September or when the Council votes to remove it.

Signs of Well Running Dry

(Maine)  The ongoing drought has many homeowners worried about wells going dry.  According to the Bangor Daily News, there are signs to look for, including sputtering faucets, noisy pumps, dirty water, and neighbors having problems with THEIR wells.  The most reliable check is, of course, taking the cap off and simply looking at the water level.  If a well goes dry, there’s not much one can do, other than wait for steady precipitation.  In the meantime, shorter showers and less laundry – experts say conserving water is the best course of action.

School Street Closure Update

(Ellsworth)  School Street between Park and Church  in Ellsworth is closed once again today.  An old storm drain collapsed, causing a sink hole in the street.  Crews are waiting for supplies – the street is expected to be opened by mid to late afternoon today.


Town of Lubec to Get Connection Upgrade

(Lubec)  The town of Lubec is getting connected.  At last night’s town meeting, voters approved an agreement with Axiom that will make high speed internet available to every road in Lubec.  Town Administrator Renee Gray tells Star 97.7, the agreement will be funded by subscribers, so there will be no new taxes.  The town backed a loan for the project, which is based on a model used successfully by many other towns.

Human Interest/Entertainment

Ellsworth Motor Vehicle Renewals

(Ellsworth)  If you live in Ellsworth and need to renew your motor vehicle registration, you’ll need to do that in person for a few months.  A recent upgrade to the city’s software revealed a glitch in the online Rapid Renewal process. Residents will need to renew in person until May of next year.

Hancock Native Participating in International Maritime Warfare Exercise

(Pearl Harbor, HI)  A Hancock native is serving in the U.S. Navy as part of the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise.  The Ellsworth American reports Petty Officer First Class Brandon Carney is an electronics technician on board a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier operating out of San Diego.  Carney says he uses many skills his dad taught him growing up in Hancock.  The training, known as RIMPAC, helps participants foster and sustain cooperative relationships that ensure safety at sea and security on the world’s oceans.


The Red Sox are in Kansas City to begin a weekend series against the Royals this evening.  The Astros beat the Red Sox Wednesday 6-1 in the final game of that series.